Thomas Liljeholm is active in the studio association The Italian Palace and in Media Artes.




Thomas Liljeholm, born in Gothenburg, Sweden on 6 June 1944, grew up in Malmö where he also received his first musical education in theory and clarinet at the Malmö Music Conservatory.

Later studies in clarinet and violin,1968 -1970, at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, led to a strong interest in contemporary music, and 1976-1978 he began to study composition with Lars-Gunnar Bodin, then director of EMS (Electroacoustic Music in Sweden). After studies in musicology and many years of a strong commitment to contemporary music - among others in Concert Sweden´s auspices with concerts, work shops and other pedagogical activities - he was forced into a reassessment of the role as composer. 1987-1991 he began once again to study composition, this time at the Gothenburg Academy of Music with Ole Lützow Holm, professor in composition, Lars Johan Werle and Åke Parmerud. Individual studies in 1990 under professor Klaus Huber (Switzerland) has also been of importance.

Thomas Liljeholm's music is dramatic - he speaks of an "auditory psychological approach" - but still rooted in the so-called absolute music. He has also gained attention abroad and has been performed all over Europe, USA, China, Ukraine and other countries. He has received a long list of commissions, scholarships and awards. Among others: Sten Frykberg Memorial Fund 2002 (Royal Swedish Academy of Music), The Patan Award Prize 2005, Society of Swedish composers 2006, S:t Sigfrid´s guild, cultural plaque 2007, Växjö Municipality’s Cultural Prize 2011 and Musikens Möjliggörare 2011 (Society of Swedish composers). Liljeholm has also released several CDs.

1991-1999 he was orchestra manager for the chamber orchestra Musica Vitae in Växjö and from 2000-2002 managing director. In the same city he also founded Media Artes, experimental forum for new artistic expressions. Since 1994 Liljeholm is member of the Society of Swedish Composers (FST) and since 2001 member of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) the Swedish section (up to 2010 as member of the board). He is also one of the initiators of the Swedish Association of New Music Promoters (RANK). 2003-2010 he was artistic director of the Contemporary Music and Artists (CoMA) - center for contemporary music - and 2009 he was artistic director of the ISCM, World New Music Days, Sweden/Växjö, in collaboration with Visby, Gothenburg and Concerts Sweden. Since 2012 he is member of the Artists´ collective at the Italian Palace in Växjö.